Bernie's Fault

$35.00 Double Fan


Bernie's Fault

Bernie's Fault (Williams-S., 2009)

Bernie and Dora Mae

Bernie and Dora Mae Grebus

Bernie's Fault

5 x 28 ML dor Dip
Orange w/ burgundy red eye above a gold throat. 100% double.
20 buds, 3 branches.
Mount Helena x (Grebus seedling x Double Bourbon)
HM 2018
(Williams-S., 2009)

A wonderful layered double that is fertile both ways. The bloom is usually a bit larger than its registered size. Selected as my favorite seedling from a group of 12 different plants grown from one seed pod. My first introduction, 'Bernie's Fault' is a tribute to Bernie Grebus, who gave me an incredible hobby, with the gift of 16 daylilies in 1991. (It really wasn't his fault that my hobby got out of control, but we like to blame him anyway!) Greatly admired by 2012 Convention visitors and still limited due to high demand. HM 2018. Registered as dormant but probably more semi-evergreen.

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