End of the Tunnel

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End of the Tunnel

Susan Okrasinski Photo taken after a morning rain at the 2012 National Convention

End of the Tunnel (Williams-S., 2013)

End of the Tunnel

4.25 x 38 ML dor Dip
Black-purple self with a bright yellow-green throat
22 buds, 3 branches
Hummingbird x (unregistered seedling known as Stu's Old Pink Spider)
HM 2018, AM 2023
(Williams-S., 2013)

This small bloom demands your attention with its dark segments and bright throat. It was selected by visitors to be the winner of the Englerth award as the best region 2 seedling at the 2012 convention. It has been measured with a 3.9 to 1 ratio, so it nearly qualifies as a spider. HM 2018

It was Nikki Schmith's inspiration for the Haiku below.

dark as cold midnight,
in the unrelenting sun.
not melting. stunning!

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